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T- Energy MD


Exceptional thermal insulation parameters.

Massive, unusually stable profile recommended for energy-efficient houses.

T-Energy it is a modern window with excellent heat insulation due to a frame depth of 3 1/2 inches. Perfect choice for passive-certified homes.








System T-Energy MD :

  • timeless elegance.

  • sash and frame are the same height.

  • depth of the frame: 3 1/2 inches

  • depth of folding: 4.4 inches

  • height of folding: 5.07 inches

  • 6 chambers standard

  • 3 gaskets on MD window

  • identical height of the pillar in the frame as well as crossbar in the sash

  • fixed or floating mullions available

  • Internal PVC partitions are roughly 1/8 thick

  • galvanized steel internal frame

  • comes standard with 1-anti-burglary latch.

  • possibility of ordering as a balcony window with a low aluminium threshold