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T- Modern AD/MD

Energy Efficiency Class

 Innovation in sealing and a smooth shape make T-Modern MD window the perfect choice for replacement windows.

Elegance and precision make T-Modern AD/MD the ideal window for renovations. An innovative clip molded into the frame during the manufacturing process makes for a window with the greatest sealing area available on the market.

This solution eliminates air drafts around old wood frames and effectively reduces the amount of noise coming into your living space. The use of Titanium Technology in the production of our windows prevents damage to the finish and enhances structural rigidity, ensuring a great look and outstanding performance for decades. 



T-Modern AD/MD system:

  • 3 gaskets standard
  • Welded galvanized steel internal frame
  • U-Value of .125*
  • 42dB acoustic insulation
  • possibility of double or triple glazing
  • six-chamber profile 2 3/4 inches wide 
  • 100% lead free PVC Class S certified (tropical climate)
  • wide or narrow floating mullion options

* Value obtained according to DIN EN ISO 10077-1 norm for a reference window with sizes: 1230x1480 mm