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T-Passive Forte AD/MD


An outstanding look and enhanced performance from a higher sash.

T-Passive Forte is a modern window with two types of sashes available – this allows for opening to the inside or to the outside.

Multi-chamber profiles with options for two or three gaskets provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.







T-Passive Fort AD/MD system :

  • window made with Titanium Technology from the highest quality components
  • available openings to the inside or the outside
  • seven chamber frame profile is 2 3/4 inches wide 
  • 3 1/2 inch total width of frame and sash
  • welded steel internal frame
  • excellent thermal insulation U-Value of .133
  • 33dB acoustic insulation
  • high quality lead-free 100% PVC profile
  • two gaskets standard with the option to add a third
  • wide choice of wood-like colours
  • T-Passive Forte is Class S certified 

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