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T-Passive InDoor/OutDoor


Window and door system based on a multi-chamber construction of profiles makes it a rigid structure, characterized by a very good heat permeability coefficients.

T-Passive InDoor / OutDoor is a modern, rounded system of non-flushed profile and narrow combination of frame-sash providing the maximum amount of light entering the room. Made in Titanium Technology it guarantees the highest quality and best technical parameters. Thanks to the multi-chamber profile with triple sealing and three-panes glazing unit the window has excellent thermal insulation and acoustic properties and, as such, is dedicated to blocks of flats, houses and tenements


Product characteristics:

  • window manufactured in Titanium Technology from the highest quality components from proven suppliers
  • guarentee for many years of use
  • seven-chamber profile of 70 mm
  • depth of combination 89,5 mm
  •  welded-in post technology, which ensures the best tightness of the connected elements
  • excellent thermal coefficient thanks to Uw at 0,75 W/m2K*
  • 33 dB acoustic insulation
  • relatively low sash (in comparison to door profiles available in the window market)
  • two gaskets in standard – possibility to install additional third one improving the tightness of the construction
  • available with sash opening to the inside or to the outside



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