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T- Passive Slim AD/MD


Allows more light in with a narrower frame and low rounded sash.

The main disadvantage of smaller windows is the larger percieved area of the frame when compared to the glass. T-Passive Slim has a rounded window frame with a non-flush profile and low sash height which allows the maximum amount of light into the room.

Manufactured with Titanium Technology, multi-chamber profiles, triple sealing gaskets and triple-glazing guarantee excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.







T-Passive Slim AD/MD:

  • seven chamber frame profile is 2 3/4 wide with an outside sash height of 1 5/8
  • profile depth of 3 1/2 inches
  • welded steel internal framing
  • U-Value of .1215
  • 33 dB acoustic insulation

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